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Terrence Sheehan - My primary objective is to work with a companies that can utilize my skills in a team work format to help businesses thrive with internet marketing and SEO. We are a Google Engage partner agency, all employees are required to take the Google Engage training course and take the test to become certified to best serve you. My experience of the past 10 years has been assisting clients to optimize and gain internet market exposure by using SEO analysis to improve their existing market share. Also, to work as part of their team to gather results and use those results to improve the companies ranking and exposure proactively. In addition to SEO, I also have worked closely with companies developing a multimedia approach to further enhance the SEO platform as those are skills which I have developed in my past work experience. My goal has always been to help a company thrive and continue to grow as part of their team. I encourage them to educate me as much as possible on the workings of their business so I can get that valuable information to the right customers and drive more business to their door. Please feel free to browse my credentials at the following social media links.

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