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SEO Pricing

SEO Consulting Pros rates are very competitive when compared with other professional SEO – Search Engine Optimization Companies. With over 15 years of experience SEO Consulting Pros delivers the results. We are a Google Engage partner agency, all employees are required to take the Google Engage training course and take the test to become certified to best serve you. It is simply a fact, that if customers cannot find your website, then your marketing dollars are completely wasted. SEO is an investment in the future of your business. Working with an experienced SEO expert is the simplest way to achieve top Internet Marketing and maintain those precious search spots on Google and other various search engines. How do you choose a SEO Consultant for your business? The simplest way to make that decision is to ask yourself, who did you find when you searched for SEO Consulting in your area? SEO Consulting Pros will deliver the same results to your business that we deliver to our own. The fact that you are on our website is a testament to our ability to deliver outstanding SEO Results! We look forward to doing the same as part of your team!

 SEO Consulting Pros offers the following services:

  • ·         SEO Consulting by the hour
  • ·         Complete Website SEO and Search Engine Submission
  • ·         Monthly and Yearly Contracts
  • ·         YouTube Business Video Productions
  • ·         Social Media Marketing and SEO
  • ·         Pay Per Click Advertising

SEO Consulting Pros with over 15 years of Internet Marketing experience strongly believes in pricing our services in a range that small businesses can afford. Likewise, it is good to note that being cheap is definitely not the answer to SEO. The key element is to put your precious marketing dollars to optimum use, also, to set your marketing budget at a level that you can consistently maintain and grow with the future expansion of your business.

SEO Consulting Pros knows how to deliver the results. Our exclusive Internet Billboard program allows you to target your customers by product and location. Likewise, we offer complete results tracking for you so we can work together as a team going forward. This ensures top results.


Primarily our business is set up based on a customers yearly budget. Once we know your budget we are able to tailor a program that specifically is designed to deliver top results based on your budget. Likewise, set your Internet Marketing and SEO at a level that you can grow instead of pull back from. We work as part of your team to deliver the results based on your available marketing funds. Some companies prefer to work on an hourly rate or package rates and we also are available to work on those terms as well.

 Compare our Rates for SEO with our Competition

SEO Printed Report on your current website by Fax or Email $299

Complete Website SEO - $1500+

Monthly SEO Packages - $350 - $4000

SEO Classes for your Marketing Team by Contract

YouTube Business Video Production - $99/hr

Social Media Facebook Page Creation & Blogging $69/hr

Travel Accounts

SEO Consulting Pros takes prides in being a team member for your companies marketing now and in the future. Our hourly rate on travel accounts is $99/hr once we arrive at the customers location. We strongly believe in working together in person to develop a team approach and also to get a better understanding of your company before implementing a SEO Campaign. In the event travel is required on a SEO Account all travel and lodging expenses are paid by the customer, plus a per diem expense. Travel rates are $69/hour and also a standard .51/mile charge if the project is in driving range. If Airline travel or rental cars are required those expenses will be paid by the customer in addition to our hourly travel rates. Our company serves the United States and Canada in person. While we strongly believe in meeting in person, we also understand that often times companies do not have this in the budget. In those cases we will work to the best of our ability to get a complete understanding of what you do via phone conference or via Skype video conference.

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