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Senior Sales Consultants Needed Flint Michigan

Senior Sales Consultants needed in the Flint, Michigan area to sell already ranked top ranked Google searches to business in need of top placement. Top search positions are already in place and ready for sale. Sales commission is 30% per year. Accounts remain with the salesperson for yearly rollover. Past marketing sales experience a must. Set your own schedule and work from home. Must have reliable transportation, a phone with a data plan in order to share search results with potential customers, a dedication to self driven success. In terms of sales potential the sky is the limit and you retain your customers for year to year rollover. Certainly this position requires a self motivated individual capable of making contacts with potential customers, following up with them on a monthly basis and reporting back to our company. SEO Consulting Pros is a top ranked SEO - Search Engine Optimization provider and Google Engage Partner which immediately demands respect when meeting with potential customers. Also the fact that our searches are already in place and ready for sale allows you the salesperson to have a unbeatable product to sell and not just promises of things to come. The searches you will be selling are already ranked in the top results! Other products available for sale include existing website SEO, our exclusive Internet Billboard programs, YouTube Video Marketing films for use on Websites or Social Media, Social Media Page Maintenance and Blogging, Google Adwords programs from a Google Engage Partner. We are looking for dedicated senior professionals who are ready to succeed and are self driven to success. After a salesperson has proven their ability we also offer to allow them to sell to businesses in a field they previously worked in to allow the salespeople the best chance to put their past professional work experience to use in terms of closing sales. If you are a dedicated senior sales professional looking for a chance to at a fresh start in a proven field contact us today. Please send your resume and cover letter to, if your credential seem like a good fit for our company we will contact you for a interview. Only dedicated individuals with past senior sales experience need apply.


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